it all started with a meeting which led to a date which led to an adventure which led to a shared hobby which led to a passion which led to proposal which led to a wedding which led to a family which led to an idea which led to a decision which led to future... we love what we do and that we have the opportunity to do it. we love sharing our passion with your story and your family and your children and your future and your memories... [a]thousandwords,ltd. is a lifestyle and event photography group that lives and breathes capturing the essence of the very things that brought us here in the first place. we shoot on location or in a studio depending on the situation, the needs of our clients, the climate, the goal, whatever it is. we are looking forward to working with you and to have the opportunity to show you just what [a]thousandwords are worth.

wedding/event photography

we know a lot can start with a wedding so we do everything we can to ensure every moment is captured so that nothing is forgotten and so that what starts with a wedding does not stay at the wedding. all of our wedding packages include two (or more) photographers and give you the option of a full day or a partial day so that we can fit in to any budget. if you want engagement pictures, we even have a package that includes an additional session of engagement portraits and allows us to get to know you better as well! we meet with all of our brides and grooms prior to the big day to talk so that you are more comfortable with us and feel like maybe you have a friend shooting your wedding, not total strangers. this is your day. your wedding is made up of the hard work of many people and we want you to be able to take all of that with you when the clock strikes 12.

senior photography

what an exciting time in life. an ending, a beginning, a past, a future, an opportunity... being a senior is an important time in life and senior portraits by [a]thousandwords,ltd. strive to provide a concrete reminder that being you is all you need to be! at your favorite place, with your pet, your family, at our studio with some of your favorite things, at home, wherever we can ensure that your time as a senior will be remembered forever. when everything else is up in the air, we'll make one decision the easiest you'll ever make. [a]thousandwords go a long way.

children/family photography

children make for the best clients because they have fun no matter what. playing, posing, acting, hanging out, resting, whatever it is they have the best time which makes for the best pictures. we are lifestyle photographers which means we capture life the way it happens in your world. we don't work exclusively out of a studio because we feel the best images happen naturally. life is best remembered when it is lived, not posed. even in the studio, children sessions are about playful scenarios that will allow us to capture your children at their best. we have fun, they have fun, and you will have lifelong memories captured so that you never forget a minute! we want to make sure life's milestones or moments are remembered the way you remember them. on location at home, in the yard, at the park, or at your favorite hangout, we spend an hour with you to capture the little moments, the happy faces, and the adventures of your life.

digital images

we love photography so we will also provide digital images of other things besides people. your car, your house, your boat, etc. we will even provide commercial photography of items you wish to display of your business or items you wish to sell. each "digital image" session will consist of 30 minutes of photography and in the end you can select any image you'd like at a per image price. Fill out the "contact us" form to receive additional information on digital images.

We are a lifestyle and event photography company located in Jackson Township, Ohio

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